Monday, March 9, 2009

High End Car Dealerships Embracing RFID & Digital Signage Integration

I read more cool things about the uses for RFID every day. An article I just read in RFID Journal talks about how high-end car dealerships across America are starting to use RFID to improve customer service & experience. RFID equipped cars alert the service station workers as the car is pulling up and display information to the customer as they are driving in to the service center such as “Welcome back Mr. Wilson”. Additionally, the service can be linked to a customer database where information can be stored and routed as necessary. An example they give in the article talks about a new car buyer getting his car washed at the dealer. Since the RFID tag in his car is linked to his customer account, the system knows when the car is ready to be picked up and can send the customer an email, text message or both.

This is just the beginning of what is going to be happening with RFID. We already posted about how a retail store in Germany is using the technology. This is one example of what MediaLogix can do for industry specific clients. If you can dream it, we can make it happen.

What do you think about RFID? Does this stuff scare you or get you excited? Let us know about other cool RFID implementations you may know about?

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