Sunday, February 8, 2009

Taking Digital Signage & RFID To the next level

I have long been interested in the use of RFID technologies and how they relate to certain business segments. It has been used in manufacturing settings for quite some time now, but as the technology matures it is being used for more and more things. Take the Retail setting for instance. How could a retailer utilize RFID and other technologies to further sales and/or build new sales opportunities? Well, I read a very interesting article this morning that I would encourage anyone interested to read (especially our retail clients). The story is about a german businessman who uses a clever display system for his clothes. As people walking by see something in his store window, the items details come up on a digital display with details of the item and also the unique RFID tag of that item. They can then order that item utilizing their cell phone. The item can either be put on hold OR dispensed right then and there! No salesperson required! Check out the article here for the complete story.

MediaLogix specializes in building special innovative solutions like this. We would love to discuss how we can turn your dreams in to reality through innovative uses of technology like this!

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