Friday, May 1, 2009

The Comcast Experience - Game Changing Audiovisual

The company I work for is a dealer and installer for Barco here in Denver. We just finished meeting with some of the reps from the company and got some great examples of some of the applications for indoor and outdoor LED Display technology. The coolest thing about AV Technology and where it is heading is applications like this. No longer do we have to think in terms of “square” displays. We can start to use digital images on all sorts of different surfaces and for different sizes and shapes too! You must check out the Comcast Experience which is the largest Barco display in the world I’m told. This is simply amazing! This is also something that my firm is completely capable of designing and implementing. I’m on the hunt for a visionary developer or property owner who wants to make his or her building stand out from the rest of the world! Who’s game?!!

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