Friday, February 13, 2009

Bell Tower Approved!

We have been following Buzz Geller’s Bell Tower with great interest and enthusiasm over the past year. If you haven’t already read about it in the Rocky Mountain news or Westword, you should definitely check it out. The tower was actually finally approved last Thursday the 5th after a long drawn out process between the Lower Downtown Review Board and Buzz Geller and his Architectural Firm, Fentress Architects.

I like many other people in the community think this is a great victory for Denver! Finally a building that steps out of the “Box Mold” that most buildings in the area fall in to. In addition to inspiring architecture, I’m interested in the “Guts” of the building and how Fentress plans on utilizing technology in the residences. This project could be very similar to our “One Willow Bridge” project in Vail that was also marketed and sold to the upper 1% of buyers.

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