Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Crestron MLX-2 - Control it all in the palm of your hand

Ever wanted a remote control that would literally control EVERYTHING in your environment? Kind of like the Adam Sandler movie, "Click"? Well, we don't have that technology (yet), but we do have something almost as cool. The long awaited Crestron MLX-2 was just released in to the market. Of course Crestron already makes a wide variety of installed and wireless touch panels, but this product is more for the digital media connoisseur who wants the look and feel of a traditional remote control. Just like Crestron's other products, this remote control can handle everything from selection of sources (DVD, Satellite, iPod, etc..) to lighting controls, shades & drapes, and anything else you can think of that has the ability to be controlled. Check it out on the Crestron website, and check out the review from Gizmodo here.

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