Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Digital Signage - Where can it be used?

It is easy to spout off the normal ideas that come to you for Digital Signage. Sure, it can be used in retails stores, banks, airports and subway/light rail stations. Those are the easy targets. These businesses are used to advertising and know that the more advertising they do in their store (or to lure people in to their store) the more sales they are going to make.
But where else could digital signage be used? Where are there captive audiences that are not just "forced" to look at your screen but would also possibly welcome the ability to watch some interesting content?

A posting from the Digital Signage Blog today inspired me to start thinking about this. The post focused on using Digital Signage at the Dentist office. Why not entertain your patient while simultaneously making them more comfortable, lessening the effect of the scary drill AND possibly make some passive income on the side. Sounds like a win/win to me! Check out my comment on the Digital Signage Blog. I suggested adding a Digital Media Server and simple control system to allow patients a choice in what they are watching and allowing the dentist to mute the programming when he/she needed to speak with the patient.

What are some other interesting applications and venues for Digital Signage? I can think of a few I'll post on later. Let me know your thoughts!!

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